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DV8 PRACTICE SET - they say practice makes perfect, and this set makes practicing more convenient then ever. This package comes with 7 Clubs, 1 DV8 Golf Bag and 1 Shaft.

The DV8 Practice Set is our recommendation for the player who spends time on dedicated practice. This player desires to practice a full range of yardages but doesn’t need every club to make practice effective. Players who purchase the DV8 Practice Set know that they can add onto it by purchasing additional club heads later.

The DV8 Practice Set is popular with urban dwellers that play most of their golf at ranges or on simulators.

We simply vary the lower shaft length from coupler to club head, keeping each club true to its regular length and shaft flex.




  • 7 Golf Club Heads: Driver, 3 Hybrid, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter
  • Bag comes with a black front flap.
  • Shaft will be graphite.


DV8 Golf Club Heads

        Driver 3 Hybrid 5 Iron 7 Iron
        9 Iron Sand Wedge Putter


        DV8 GOLF BAG

        Bag includes casing foam that can hold up to 14 club heads and 2 shafts (fill your set by adding additional DV8 club heads) and compartments to store golf balls, tees, and other personal items.

        The DV8 bag also features a tablet compartment positioned to enable users to record their swing, practice while watching instructional videos, or take fun selfies.


        DV8 MATRIX SHAFT (Graphite)


        Golf Club Length Guide: Wrist to Floor Measurement

        Click on image to enlarge


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