If I already have traditional clubs, how can I benefit from owning a set of DV8's?

DV8 Sports is a product not designed to compete with other performance/luxury brands. Rather then replacing your traditional clubs, DV8 clubs are made to complement your traditional set by allowing golfers the option of golf more often. While DV8 understands the need for our clubs to perform at the highest level, we also recognize that convenience is the ultimate luxury.

Does DV8 equipment conform to the USGA and R&A rules of golf?

No. But that’s only an issue if you plan to play a round and post the score for handicap purposes. Otherwise, you’re good. By the way, less than 10% of all golfers actually have an official handicap.

What should I do if I get dirt in one of the coupling devices?

Clean it out and don't do it again! But seriously, our couplers are like a lot of things, they don't like dirt and you should take care of them. Do that and you'll have no issue.